SKALP – Hatch for SketchUp

With Skalp, make section cuts with automatic hatch, give a more professional outlook to your technical presentations.

 Skalp is an extension for SketchUp that allows you to make  sectional cuts with hatching. You can create your own hatch patterns or choose a predefined hatch from the selection . You can then export it to the AUTOCAD size while keeping true hatching.

For license please contact us.

Sections with SKALP

  • Sections with automatic hatching.
  • Live updates, all changes of the model are updated on the fly.
  • SketchUp uses styles to change the display in each scene.
  • Fully compatible with nested groups and components.
  • Possibility of having different drawing scales in a model.
  • Neat user interface filled with relevant features.

Create Patterns with SKALP

  • Make textures of non- repetitive patterns to your sections
  • Skalp Texturing, your models in a creative and unique.
  • Import bunch of standard CAD patterns.
  • Construct yours Hatch from scratch.
  • Contains scales , Transparency , Colors and Line widths .

Style with SKALP

  • The same section shown in different ways.
  • Each scene can have its own style section .
  • Assign by click , material, shading or marking.

Export from SKALP

  • Export to LayOut ( SketchUp Pro) .
  • Export DXF includes real hatch patterns to autoCAD .
  • Export multiple scenes to DXF format

For Licenses, please contact us.

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