Vray 6 Solo – Annual


Vray for SketchUp

Make professional photo-realistic renderings using the most powerful rendering engine. Vray is 100% integrated with Sketchup. (Version not compatible with SketchUp 2017)

V-Ray is a photo-realistic rendering software. It is developed by Chaos Group and quickly became the leader in its field. Check with us for the best packages.

Introducing V-Ray

V-Ray for SketchUp provides fast rendering, powerful lighting tools, the ability to create and view complex scenes. This rendering solution for SketchUp allows you to see in real time the changes made (V-Ray RT), various types of high-performance lighting (V-Ray Dome Light), and the ability to quickly manage complex scenes with very detailed models. V-Ray Proxy are combined to produce quick and realistic outputs.

V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp is compatible with SketchUp 8 and SketchUp Pro 2013/14/15/16.


The revolutionary rendering engine provides instant visual feedback directly to SketchUp for faster design and decision making process.

Dome Light

Create simple lighting without artifact-based image using a Dome Light. This feature will allow to use HDR images for a simplified configuration, a luminosity quality as well as more realistic shadows.

Lights as Components

V-Ray lights can be part of a SketchUp component, making the process of changing several lights at once much easier.

The materials

V-Ray materials make it possible to get closer to reality with the many options available, from the simple plastic material to the complexity of a diamond, while passing by a leather effect, you will be able to realise the Material you want.

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