Undet for SketchUp offers a unique opportunity to use any cloud of points in SketchUp Pro and provides excellent tools to visualize and build your model directly in SketchUp.

Anyone can use point clouds in SketchUp with Undet .

Thousands of people use point clouds , whether Architects, Engineers, Commercially as well as Surveyors. Undet for SketchUp allows you to view your very simply scatter in SketchUp. You can carryout following with Undet :

  • Import many formats of point clouds.
  • Position your point cloud in SketchUp.
  • Isolate or highlight a part of the cloud .
  • Draw in SketchUp from the cloud .

Use any point cloud format

With undet , you have great flexibility on the point cloud format, use it directly in SketchUp.

  • *.E57, *.LAS, *.PTS, *.FLS, *.FPR, *.LSPROJ, *.FWS, *.CL3, *.CLR, *.ZFS, *.RSP, ASCII / NEZ (X,Y,Z/i/RGB)

undet-nuage-points-710x337You can use cloud from many 3D scanning tools , such as :

  • Airborne LiDAR
  • Drones UAV / UAS
  • Mobile mapping system
  • Terrestrial scanners
  • Portable scanners
  • Photogrammetry.

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