For a good start on SketchUp. The following tutorials are provided with written explanation by our experts.

Basic Navigation

In this tutorial you will see basic navigation in SketchUp, very important to locate you in your models.

Line, Rectangle, Dimensional input

This tutorial shows how to use line & rectangle tools while working with precise dimensions.

Circle and Polygon

This tutorial shows how to make circles and polygons, it also shows how to change the number of segments to make them more attractive.

Arc & Freehand

Want to work with arcs but you can not use the arc tool? This tutorial is for you.

Creating faces and inferences

This tutorial shows how to create faces, how to use the inferences that allow you to always remain parallel or align points between them.

Adhesion of geometries

How SketchUp works when you move the elements of geometry? Learn more from this tutorial.

Offset and Eraser

This tutorial shows how to use the offset and eraser tool (clear tool). The move tool is perfect for moving your walls on a plane.

Push / Pull and Measure

Learn the operation is performed with the push / pull and measure tool, two of the tools that are used the mostly in SketchUp.

Advanced features push / pull tool

The tool push / pull is not limited to add material, we can also align the sides and much more that you’ll observe in this tutorial.

Advanced features of move tool

You thought the move tool is only used to move objects? Well no, it also allows you to duplicate and even multiply the objects along a path.


Groups and the components are very important concepts in SketchUp, if not the most important. This tutorial demonstrates how to use SketchUp groups.


Components allow repeating objects and can be easily modified immediately, this tutorial explains how to save time in building your own library.
components tray

Components Browser

The Components window is a handy window, in this tutorial you will learn how to use it.
3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse

Why reinvent the wheel when it already exists? 3D Warehouse is the largest collection of models in the world, you can download objects & insert them into your[...]


The scaling tool allows you to change the scale of an object, or in proportion as its height, width or depth.
Follow me

Follow me

This tutorial shows you how to work with the follow me tool. With this powerful tool you can make any kind of complicated shapes just in few clicks.

Rotate (Rotation)

To rotate your objects you can use the move tool, but to do specific things you will need to use rotate tool.

Paint Bucket, Import texture & Selection tool

Do you want to apply color in your project? The Paint Bucket tool is there for you, and if the basic colors available in SketchUp are not enough, you can also[...]

Camera & Scenes

How to position your objects, camera and create scenes? These tutorials will demonstrate you how to proceed with these elements.

Style and Export images

Once your finished with the project you probably want to show it to your client image jpg, png, maybe you want to give a sketch effect. This is what you’ll[...]